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Emergency dental extractions are an unfortunate but sometimes necessary part of life. When a tooth becomes overly damaged and cannot be saved by more conservative means, emergency extraction is often required. Tooth extraction is a very quick, comfortable procedure that is done in our state-of-the-art office under your preferred level of anesthesia. Call The Christiana Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery today! Christiana Hospital Location Phone Number 302-292-1600

When is an emergency tooth extraction necessary?

  • Infection: An infected tooth puts the entire body at risk for infection.
  • Trauma: A tooth that has been broken beyond repair with a crown typically requires extraction.
  • Decay: Excessive decay can eventually “take over” the tooth, making it impossible to save.
  • Pain from Impacted Teeth: Severely impacted teeth may suddenly cause pain that can only be relieved with prompt extraction.

Emergency Dental Extractions for Infected Teeth

Infection is one of the most common reasons for extraction. Infection not only causes pain and swelling, it threatens the tooth and surrounding tissues, and eventually, it can even lead to dangerous systemic infections in the body.

Tooth Extractions While Asleep

The process of extraction is quick, simple, and pain-free. We offer extraction under general anesthesia and with milder IV sedation (also known as “twilight sedation”). The procedure usually takes less than an hour. While there is no pain during the procedure, some people experience mild discomfort for a day or so after. In this case, over-the-counter medications such as Ibuprofen can be used to eliminate pain. You will also be prescribed an antibiotic to completely cure the infection. We may recommend that you have bone grafting materials placed at the same time as extraction to preserve the site for a dental implant in the future.

Emergency Dental Appointments and Same-Day Tooth Extractions

We offer immediate emergency appointments at our two office locations to get your quick relief and to get you on the right path toward recovery and better health.

If you are in pain, please call our friendly team today at The Christiana Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery! Christiana Hospital Location Phone Number 302-292-1600

For more information about Emergency Tooth Extractions or to schedule an appointment with Eugene M. D'Amico III, DDS, FACS, Michael D. D’Amico, DDS or Fadi N. Kosa, DMD , contact us today!

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