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Eugene M. D'Amico III, DDS, FACS
Michael D. D’Amico, DDS
Fadi N. Kosa, DMD
Eric W. Spencer, DDS, MS

Patient Review By JP C

This was a surgery about which I was quite nervous. I was nervous for a variety of reasons but most of all the pain and the aftermath rather than the procedure itself. It seemed that whenever I said I was having my wisdom teeth out I was regaled with stories of dry sockets, pain, swelling and overall discomfort. I have to give a ton of credit to my surgeon, Dr.Kosa. My consult was great and he explained everything that would happen during the surgery. I had an instant rapport with him after which I said to myself, ‘ya know, not nervous at all now.” On the day of the surgery I am not sure if it was the laughing gas or what but when the nurses were prepping me for my surgery Dr. Kosa entered the room and I said, ‘hey, Fadi!!’ I corrected myself quickly and said, “I mean, hey Dr. Kosa.” Nevertheless, I think it shows the level of comfort that I had and the ease at which Dr Kosa put me. Great work!

- JP C

5 out of 5 stars on
“I had a great experience. The staff made me feel welcomed and answered any questions I had about my surgery. Quick service. Had me in and out in no time. Would highly recommend them!”
–Gabi D.
“I had another great experience. ”
–test a
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